Universal Journal of Educational Research

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Publisher: Saint Joseph College

Publication Format: Online

Frequency: 4 issues per year (March, June, September, December)

Language: English

Established: 2022

A Phenomenological Study on the Lived Experiences of Physics Students in Laboratory Classes

Cara Luz Buar

Visayas State University, Baybay City, Philippines


Classes in higher education often consist of both lecture and laboratory time for the subject of physics. An example of experience-based learning would be doing experiments in the classroom. Kolb's theory of experiential learning posits that learning is a process that involves the generation of knowledge via the accumulation of experience. However, due to the fact that doing experiments in a laboratory takes much more time and money than other methods of instruction, the usage of labs in the classroom has become a contentious topic. The primary objective of this research was to report on the activities that students of physics participated in during their physics laboratory lessons. Interviews with four different individuals were conducted utilizing a semi-structured format. Giorgi's descriptive phenomenological method was used, and the findings revealed the following constituents: (1) the clarification, visualization, and retention of concepts; (2) the application of learnings acquired from the laboratory; (3) involvement, cooperation, and interaction; (4) laboratory manuals and equipment; and (5) challenges. Recommendations were formulated to improve the Physics laboratory.

Keywords: Phenomenological, Physics laboratory, laboratory experiences, higher education, experienced-based learning

Suggested Citation:

Buar, C. L. (2022). A Phenomenological Study on the Lived Experiences of Physics Students in Laboratory Classes. Universal Journal of Educational Research. 1(2), 10-18. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6939564