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Professional and Personal Traits of a Professor: A Study on Filipino Students' Preferences

Jayrome L. Nuñez

Tafe Arabia Higher Education, Dammam City, Sharqiyah, Saudi Arabia

Louie P. Gula

Saint Joseph College, Maasin City, Southern Leyte, Philippines


Schools have resumed receiving students after more than two years of closing doors to learners. College students. Students have built preferences on their professors even before the pandemic began. Using the epistemological lens in conducting research, the purpose of the study is to know the expectations of Filipino college students about the professional and personal qualities of their professors. The study utilized snowball or chain sampling to gather pertinent information in relation to the researched topic. Then, the data gathered were treated through descriptive analysis of quantitative information and thematic analysis on the most recurring themes (qualitative data) among the responses of the subjects. Since it did not use a standardized evaluation tool, the study only aimed to know the expectations at the learners’ level. The results showed that Filipino learners value the professional trait of a professor as to being competent and possesses effective communication skills, and in terms of personal qualities, Filipino student lean towards having a good character in general such as friendliness and humorous.

KEYWORDS: professional quality, personal quality, professor, higher education, mixed method


Nuñez, J. L. & Gula, L. P. (2023). Professional and Personal Traits of a Professor: A Study on Filipino Students' Preferences. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 2(1), 38-46. 


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