Universal Journal of Educational Research

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ISSN: 2960-3722 (Online)

This issue has authors from

Nigeria, Philippines, and USA

Volume 2, Number 2 

(April - June 2023)


Mentoring Strategies and Secondary School Effectiveness in Ilorin East Kwara State: A Symbiotic Examination

Olubukola James Ojo, Joseph Ojishe Ogar, Adedapo Adetiba A. Atolagbe, Eniola Keji Ola-Alani

Contextual Effects of Video Tutorials on The Academic Performance of STEM 12 Students

Sherry V. Mecida, Krisna Rika O. Barron, Henry E. Lemana II, Andre Eldridge O. Oberez, Alraiza K. Sampulna, Sheryn Mae M. Huesca, Sabrie K. Bailan, Mike Jones E. Sajorga, Tristan Kyle O. Sarceda, Queenie Rose T. Teniero, Orczy Louis Edniel W. Baculi

Pitfalls of Teachers on Modular Distance Learning: Basis for a Proposed Action Plan

Rolando R. Mairina, Domingo M. Cabarteja, Jeger P. Paragas

Theses and Disserations

Challenges and Coping Mechanisms of Secondary School Heads during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Lorna B. Leal

Urdaneta City University, Urdaneta, Philippines

Doctoral Disseration

Distance Education Perspectives and Practices of Educators in an Allied Medical Program: A Grounded Theory Approach within the Phenomenological Tradition

Maria Freya Talisaysay Carungcong

University of the Philippines Open University, Laguna, Philippines

Master's Thesis

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