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Enhancing Students’ Performance in Math 9 Through Math-Collab

Jairoh N. Taracina

Newtown-Harris R-III School District, and North Central Missouri College, Missouri, USA


This study aimed to investigate the efficacy of the math-collab teaching intervention, which integrates multiple intelligences and feedback mechanisms, on enhancing students' academic performance in mathematics compared to traditional teacher-centered lectures. Specifically, it sought to assess students' satisfaction with the math-collab approach. The research was conducted at Talipan National High School among grade 9 students, who were purposefully divided into control and experimental groups based on their abilities. Pre-tests were administered to establish baseline competency levels, followed by the experimental group receiving the math-collab intervention for one quarter, while the control group received conventional lectures. Post-tests were then conducted to measure improvement in mathematical proficiency. Additionally, the experimental group was given a survey to gauge their satisfaction with the math-collab intervention. Statistical analysis, including mean score comparisons and SPSS examination of survey responses, was employed to evaluate the impact of the intervention. The findings revealed a significant enhancement in academic performance among participants who underwent the math-collab intervention compared to those in the control group. Moreover, the satisfaction survey indicated a high level of contentment with the math-collab approach. This research contributes to the field by offering insights into the comparative effectiveness of different teaching methodologies in mathematics education and underscores the importance of incorporating innovative approaches, such as math-collab, which integrates multiple intelligences and feedback mechanisms, to promote students' academic achievement and satisfaction in the learning process.


math-collab, multiple intelligence, mathematics, students’ performance, positive reinforcement, perspective


Taracina, J. N. (2024). Enhancing Students’ Performance in Math 9 through Math-Collab at Talipan National High School in Division of Quezon Province. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 3(2), 110-122. doi.org/10.17613/441r-n311

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