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Entrance Scores as Predictor of Academic Performance

Mark Joseph D. Pastor

Mariano Marcos State University, Batach City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

John Michael B. Lumabao

Department of Education, Division of Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines


Utilizing the ex post facto or causal comparative research design, this study investigated the relationship between the entrance test scores and academic performance of 256 Grade 7 Junior High School Students of the Ilocos Norte College of Arts and Trades. Guidance records were utilized to get students’ entrance scores while School Forms 5 and 6 were used to gather data for their academic performance. The statistical methods utilized to analyze the data included frequency, mean, standard deviation, percentage distribution, t-test indicating significant difference, and Pearson's r correlation. The results demonstrate that the Grade 7 students performed at a very satisfactory level for the SY. 2017 – 2018, according to the overall mean rating. Additionally, the results show that, even when the students are grouped by sex, there is not a significant difference in their levels of performance on the entrance exams.  In addition, there is no significant difference on the students’ academic performance when they are grouped according to sex. Notably, students’ academic performance has significant relationship to their sex and students’ level of performance in the entrance scores but not to the students’ type of elementary school last attended. Interestingly, of all the variables in the study, only the level of performance in the entrance scores is a good predictor of the students’ level of academic performance. It is suggested for other research enthusiasts to look into additional variables including learning styles, teaching methods, and technologies used in teaching and learning that may affect students' academic performance and entrance test results.


entrance scores, academic performance, causal comparative research, admission tests, junior high school


Pastor, M. J., & Lumabao, J. M. (2024). Entrance Scores as Predictor of Academic Performance. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 3(2), 78-86. doi.org/10.17613/tgg6-wd41

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